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In Two Days: Wuhan


I am often approached with this question: “I’ll be in [fill in the city] for two days. What should I see while I am there?”

In response, I feature 2-day itineraries to a variety of Chinese cities here at Tai Shan. At the end of each month, a new post introduces the main sites to visit in a city if you only have two days there.

Today we’ll see how to hit the highlights in Wuhan in a 2-day timeframe.

Day 1
Huanghe Lou, Hankou, Changjiang Bridge

Night:  Jianghan Road night market

Day 2
East Lake, Hubei Provincial Museum, Memorial Hall of 1911 Wuchang Uprising, Qiyi Gate

Alternate activity: take a cherry blossom tour if you’re there in March, Guiyuan Temple

If you have a 3rd day:   Guiyuan Temple, or tour the universities (second most colleges of any Chinese city, after Beijing)

For kids:   Wuhan Zoo



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