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Transformers: The Ultimate Efficient Living Space


I like to think I’m pretty efficient with my living space. It’s easy to get rather comfortable/complacent, if I compare my own lifestyle with that in the land of my birth. Hong Kong architect Gary Chang, however, makes me feel downright extravagant in how I live. Check out this article and video for an idea.

It’s pretty impressive, but I have to admit… it would take a real change in my mindset about how I live each day to adapt to that living space. But while I’m not quite there yet, I have to say that what he’s done is pretty admirable.

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“Transformers: The Ultimate Efficient Living Space”

  1. On April 24th, 2012 at 1:05 am Tai Shan » Blog Archive » Onstage with The Yellow Storm Says:

    […] me some of George Chang’s apartment in Hong Kong featured on the video linked from my previous post), the set allowed for numerous different configurations that allowed the audience to see the scenes […]

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