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TNT’s David Copperfield


TNT’s performance of David Copperfield last weekend at the Lyceum in Shanghai made for a fun night at the theatre. The troupe was, as always, incredibly funny and inventive in how they went about pulling off the adaptation of the novel to the stage. I found myself laughing out loud several times.

The trimming down of the novel to suit this medium was a little less satisfying to me. The composite female lead lacked some depth. Overall, the whole second half of the performance failed to deliver on the same level as the first half. I heard some viewers comment that the adaptation ended up being a little confusing.

Still, the humor and the quick role-changes made up for that, for me, and I enjoyed the performance. The first half was as good as anything I’ve seen from TNT, which is saying a lot, but the second half was not up to that standard. Still, even a middle of the pack performance by TNT is some of the best theatre you’ll find in Shanghai, so no complaints here.

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“TNT’s David Copperfield”

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