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Shanghai Launch: Voices of the Elders


The Shanghai launch of my third poetry collection, Voices of the Elders, was a lot of fun. A very good crowd showed up, and very diverse. On one end of the room, one of my current students (studying English) sat with her parents, on the other, my former Chinese language/literature/writing teacher sat with her soon-to-be-born child. In between were many friends who have worked with me on numerous projects or who I have met here and there over the years. One friend who I have known since university days 20-something years ago was able to attend the launch, and on the other end of that spectrum, there were new friends who I met on the day of the event. As I said, a diverse crowd, and I appreciated the support of each one.

I cannot say a big enough thank you to the day’s moderator, poet Miho Kinnas, for helping me prepare the presentation of the book to those who attended. She spent much time reading, thinking, discussing, and organizing things with me, and I am indebted to her for that kindness. She proved herself not only to be a reader that any poet would love to have, but also an excellent presenter of ideas, someone who can bring her engagement with a text to a crowd of people.

And of course, thanks are also due to Strictly Designers United for hosting the event. The space was perfect, and the generous support of the organizers was unbelievable. Shanghai is lucky to have an organization so dedicated to supporting the arts.

Below are a few photos from the event, contributed by several different participants.

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