Back on the air (sort of)

May 20th, 2012 § 2 comments

For the second time in my life, I’ve been called out by my loyal reader, singular, in the dormant comment thread of a “final” post for committing silent, anti-climactic blogger suicide without so much as a goodbye. And while I wouldn’t count on pre-takeover Yellow Chair Sports ever coming back, I would not write this space off as dead quite yet.

I’ve made attempts to blog since my last post—lord knows Toto is no one’s ideal parting shot—and maybe one of these days I’ll make an incoherent textual collage out of my dozens of half-finished drafts. In the meantime, I will use this space to share some videos with those of you who, despite the neglect, still subscribe to this blog and whom I haven’t already sent these videos to via personal email.

The videos are the fulfillment of my brother’s and my desire to purge our brains of songs we’ve written through the years before career demands and child-rearing responsibilities preclude it forever. (This will happen rather soon.)

At least to start, I will probably only post songs that I’ve had a hand in writing—a collection of two at the moment—but please browse through the entire Replica Imposter channel to see what other sweet tunes my brother has made on his own. (If I have to pick a few favorites, they would be “Forget the World Today,” “Urban Bicycle Commute,” and “La Historia de Don Alfonso de las Conejitas”—possibly my absolute favorite.) In my extremely biased opinion, he is a fantastic musician and very clever songwriter, and I hope you will objectively share my biased opinion after you’ve listened.

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