One-liners from November 30, 2010

November 30th, 2010 § 0 comments

New thing here.

Ok, so only important blogs get to do “links” posts (’cause who needs my traffic?), so please do not consider this a links post. I only aim to be a less annoying human from now on by consolidating off-hand quips and commentaries into near-daily blog posts instead of individual links that once polluted my friends’ Twitter and Facebook feeds. (And because I’m so courteous, I’ll even post these late at night when most people are in bed.)

  • Worldchanging, one of the most educational, insightful, balanced, and legitimately constructive sites on the net is shutting down due to lack of funding.
  • Illinois house screws up vote on the only issue that matters.
  • Bryan Caplan: “But for discrimination against the most despised minority of all, illegal immigrants, Americans firmly believe that greed trumps prejudice.  And that’s why discrimination against illegals isn’t just legally allowed, but required.”
  • Headline of the day: Brian Cashman to rappel as elf
  • Almost a week old, but a great commentary from The Oil Drum on the history—and hopefully the future—of gift economies.
  • Techdirt is bewildered. Wouldn’t it be harder to not find a picture of Julian Assange? (I know that makes no sense, but seriously Interpol…)
  • Quirky but (apparently) legit investment advice from Cheap Talk: Buy stocks now, and sell them in January to take advantage of investor irrationality.
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